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[software]xTerminator - http://www.artplus.hr/xterminator.htm
This program helps you block spam and worms before they reach your mailbox. With xTerminator you can check e-mail while it's still on server, automatically filter unwanted messages, manually check messages before deletion, save bandwidth, lessen the chance of virus infection, clean multiple accounts, create custom filters, block all but friendly messages and auto-reply with pre-defined messages. The built-in Challenge-Response System allows you to send people a question that, if correctly answer...
Keywords: xTerminator; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; xTerminator
Downloads: 39
[software]SPAMReporter - http://spamreporter.errorcodes.net
This spam reporting tool works by analyzing e-mail header information and determining where the e-mail originated on the Internet. It checks each line to determine authenticity and signal the actual entry point onto the Internet. Once the entry point is found, the program finds an abuse contact for the IP owner and sends an e-mail containing all pertinent information to have the account suspended.
Keywords: SPAMReporter; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; SPAMReporter
Downloads: 23
[software]Vetomail - http://www.vetomail.com/adv.html?15F9A
This program kills all unwanted and unsolicited mail. It prevents fraudulent and offensive e-mail from reaching your inbox and instantly blacklists all offenders for future removal. You can create "friendly" lists of senders from whom you want to receive mail. If a sender is unknown, you are given the option to preview the message before you receive or delete it. There are also further options for adding a message to your friendly list or blacklist.
Keywords: Vetomail; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Vetomail
Downloads: 24
[software]STEVEN - http://www.softwaredevelopment.net.au/pge_steven.htm
This program uses advanced Artificial Intelligence to stop spam. It requires no key lists, no key words and no fancy algorithms. It supports POP3, Hotmail, Microsoft Exchange, and a host of other mail configurations. It uses the new Microsoft .NET Framework. It offers mail server functionality, an attachment filing system, a white list and black list drilldown, and a help file. Note: Members of the media, charities and non-profit organizations can apply for free paid registration.
Keywords: STEVEN; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; STEVEN
Downloads: 35
[software]MailTalkX - http://softbytelabs.com/
This is an e-mail monitoring utility that includes audible and visual notification of incoming e-mail, automatic updating, log file maintenance, spam filtering and individual WAV file settings. It will also allow for unlimited e-mail accounts, and you can customize it to play a specific WAV file when you receive mail from a certain person. You can even assign different WAV files to play, depending on the subject of the incoming mail.
Keywords: MailTalkX; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools
Downloads: 29
[software]Elgr - http://7tec.com/en/
This program sits between the e-mail reader and the Internet, checking e-mail as it is received. Spam is automatically moved to the deleted items folder. It detects attempts to fool anti-spam programs, checks all links in the mail against a daily updated list of over 15,000 domains used by spammers, checks the content of the mail for bad words, and lets those who don't communicate in English delete all English mail.
Keywords: Elgr; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Elgr
Downloads: 35
[software]SpamStopUp - http://www.spamstopup.com
Works with all e-mail clients to filter and delete unwanted junk e-mail messages on the server before they get to your computer. The program works in the background.
Keywords: SpamStopUp; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; SpamStopUp
Downloads: 22
[software]Spamdel - http://www.spamdel.com
This is a security utility. It filters mail, categorizes spam and lets you view and delete mail on the server before it reaches your PC. It works with e-mail clients including Outlook Express, Outlook and TheBat!
Keywords: Spamdel; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Spamdel
Downloads: 74
[software]SpamX - http://www.spamx.com
This spam blocker automatically determines the source from the header and Web host links in the message body. It allows reporting of multiple spammers and can report all messages in the Inbox simultaneously. You can import address books from any e-mail client that supports exporting.
Keywords: SpamX; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; SpamX
Downloads: 13
[software]MYmailSAFE - http://www.mymailsafe.co.uk
This is an add-on for Netscape Messenger, Outlook and Outlook Express that stops unsolicited e-mail, including e-mail viruses, Trojan horses, and other malicious files, without the use of filters. It holds all e-mail from unknown senders until it has determined the e-mail's status. The program analyzes every attachment that is sent to you and classifies the attachment based on who sent it and its potential for damage.
Keywords: MYmailSAFE; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; MYmailSAFE
Downloads: 57
[software]SpamNet - http://www.cloudmark.com/
Protect you, your friends, and family from incoming spam. Every time you block a spam message, your vote benefits the entire community of SpamNet users. The program offers protection from all e-mail threats--viruses, worms, spam. See how your trust rating ranks in the community via a toolbar in the program's interface.
Keywords: SpamNet; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; SpamNet
Downloads: 27
[software]iHateSpam - http://www.ihatespam.us
This program reduces spam and junk e-mail. iHateSpam analyzes your e-mail and places suspicious e-mails into a separate folder. It can also automatically create a Friends List by importing e-mail addresses from your Windows address book, so that any e-mail from someone on your Friends list will get through to you. iHateSpam works with Outlook 2000 and above, Outlook Express 5 and above, Eudora 5.1 and above, and IncrediMail XE/PRO...
Keywords: iHateSpam; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; iHateSpam
Downloads: 46
[software]eMailTrackerPro - http://www.visualware.com/emailtrackerpro/index.html
This tool analyzes the e-mail header and resolves the IP address of the machine that sent an e-mail. It is useful for identifying people who send spam. A plug-in for MS Outlook adds a button to the Outlook toolbar for one-click e-mail tracking. For other e-mail programs, the header information can be pasted into this tool for analysis. A built-in location database tracks e-mail to a country or region of the world, and hyperlink integration provides more detailed geographic traces.
Keywords: eMailTrackerPro; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; eMailTrackerPro
Downloads: 97
[software]Mailbox Guard - http://www.pjwalczak.com/mbguard/
This program is an e-mail manager that lets you fight cyberscam arriving in e-mails before it gets to your PC. You can use it to protect against spam, obscenity, viruses, worms and spy-ware. It includes unlimited account management, background mail check, notifications, user definable lists, plain-text preview, HTML-tag filter, remote preview and delete from multiple accounts, and automatic test and report of connection speed.
Keywords: Mailbox Guard; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools
Downloads: 39
[software]Spam Defender Professional - http://www.synergeticsoft.com
This program allows you to delete unwanted junk mail from the server before it gets to your inbox. It allows you to decrease or even eliminate spam by using various filters. You can delete messages on the server without opening them.
Keywords: Spam Defender Professional; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Spam Defender Professional
Downloads: 28
[software]Spam Avenger - http://www.spamavenger.com?source=tucows
This add-in for Outlook 2000, 2002 and 2003 works with POP3 or Exchange server connections. A trusted sender list lets you specify from whom you want to receive e-mail.
Keywords: Spam Avenger; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Spam Avenger
Downloads: 35
[software]Mail Box Dispatcher - http://www.anti-spam-tools.com
This program allows you to control incoming e-mail messages on the server side. You can delete unwanted messages from your mailboxes without downloading them. Mail Box Dispatcher downloads only information about messages and a few lines of the body. It has a built-in e-mail cache system, so Mail Box Dispatcher doesn't download info for all messages, only for new ones. You can auto-mark unwanted messages for deleting, accent messages by color, notify about new messages by playing a sound or flash...
Keywords: Mail Box Dispatcher; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Mail Box Dispatcher
Downloads: 21
[software]Inbox100 - http://www.sentrybay.com
This program keeps your inbox free of spam. Only e-mails from your approved list enter your inbox. The approved list is automatically generated from your address book and sent items folder on installation. All e-mails from other senders are quarantined. E-mails in your quarantine folder are ranked according to the spam probability rating. You can also auto-delete spam.
Keywords: Inbox100; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; inbox100
Downloads: 14
[software]IPS SpamFilter - http://www.ipsspamfilter.com/e_index.shtml
This program runs in the background and removes up to 99.9 percent of all spam messages from your e-mail account. All removed spam mails are stored and can be reviewed before they get deleted. The program includes a high-tech spam analyze system database. Our team updates the database on a regular bases and you can download the newest database with a simple click on a LiveUpdate button.
Keywords: IPS SpamFilter; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; IPS SpamFilter; ips; spamfilter; filter; spam
Downloads: 24
[software]KillSpam - http://killspam.g-softsolutions.de
This tool prevents spam from reaching your POP3 and Hotmail e-mail boxes. It downloads only the header, allowing you to read the subject, the date and several message lines. This allows you to delete spam and download only the e-mail that you want to read. The program automatically detects and deletes messages that you declare spam or virus-bearing. You indicate the undesirable messages by writing their subjects in the interceptor grid...
Keywords: KillSpam; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; killspam; kill spam
Downloads: 30
[software]Lockspam for Outlook - http://www.polesoft.com
This program blocks spam for Outlook. It provides updates of the Anti-Spam Server Engine to fight against the latest spam. The Anti-E-mail Address Harvesting will safely remove beacons hidden in an e-mail.
Keywords: Lockspam for Outlook; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Lockspam for Outlook
Downloads: 25
[software]SpamBurner - http://www.spamburner.com/
This spam filtering tool is interactive. It lets you preview your e-mail, and detects almost 100% of all spam, for easy removal. It can also help detect e-mail viruses even when messages contain complex HTML and JavaScript code. It has a plain text viewer that can convert almost any common message coding formats into readable plain text so you can avoid the dangers of loading potentially hostile code and also eliminates annoying pop-ups that can occur if messages are viewed in a regular e-mail v...
Keywords: SpamBurner; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; spam; burner
Downloads: 26
[software]Zaep - http://www.Zaep.com/
This program eliminates spam. It doesn't require training to recognize a spam message. It doesn't require that you review its results for any mistakes. Using a challenge-response based system, Zaep anti-spam verifies the sender's e-mail address before you get the message. Use Zaep Standard to protect each of the e-mail addresses you use at home from receiving hundreds of advertisements for useless products...
Keywords: Zaep; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; zaep; antispam
Downloads: 30
[software]Spam X-terminator - http://www.stompsoft.com/spamx.html
This anti-spam tool integrates with Outlook and Outlook Express, and can filter multiple POP3 e-mail accounts. It checks incoming e-mail and automatically diverts spam to a quarantine area for you to review.
Keywords: Spam X-terminator; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Spam X-terminator
Downloads: 29
[software]MailSanctity Spam Filter - http://www.mailsanctity.com
This spam filter for Microsoft Outlook automatically recognizes what you consider good mail and filters out the rest. Messages classified as spam are also scored based on the content relevant to your profile.
Keywords: MailSanctity Spam Filter; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; MailSanctity Spam Filter
Downloads: 19
[software]Mailbox Filter - http://www.mailboxfilter.com
This spam filter uses a dynamic intelligent memory process to automatically record user activity when they accept or reject any senders message. It filters spam for POP3, AOL, Hotmail, MSN and Yahoo! accounts. It integrates with POP3 e-mail programs including Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Incredimail and Netscape. It provides automatic import of address books, remote filtering, unlimited accounts and profiles supported...
Keywords: Mailbox Filter; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Mailbox Filter
Downloads: 32
[software]Outlook Spam Filter - http://www.outlook-spam-filter.com
This MS-Outlook add-on protects your inbox against spam. The program is based on Bayesian filtering technology, so it automatically learns using your personal correspondence to increase filtration accuracy. Quarantined e-mails are stored in a separate spam folder. Users can manage friends and enemies lists, or build their own filters. POP3, IMAP, HTTP and MS-Exchange protocols are supported.
Keywords: Outlook Spam Filter; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Outlook Spam Filter
Downloads: 42
[software]Innovatools Email Control - http://www.innovatools.com/products/emailcontrol/index.htm
Regain control over your e-mail messages by stopping spam and e-mail viruses before downloading them to your computer. The program retrieves only the subject and the to and from fields of the messages without downloading the entire message. You choose which messages to download.
Keywords: Innovatools Email Control; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Innovatools Email Control
Downloads: 40
[software]Inbox Protector OE - http://www.inboxprotector.com
This program scans incoming e-mail in MS Outlook Express and redirects unwanted junk mail to a separate folder for later inspection. It is customizable and supports safe-lists and ignore-lists.
Keywords: Inbox Protector OE; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; inbox protector oe
Downloads: 24
[software]SpamFilter ISP - http://www.spamfilterisp.com
This proxy to your incoming SMTP server can receive all e-mails addressed to your domain. If the sender's IP is not black-listed in DNS-MAPS-based block list, then the e-mail is forwarded to your SMTP server. Statistical Bayesian DNA fingerprinting, and dozens of blacklist and white list rules are be applied to filter spam.
Keywords: SpamFilter ISP; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; SpamFilter ISP
Downloads: 38
[software]UseBestMail - Personal Edition - http://www.UseBestMail.com
This program employs proven technologies including a whitelist for mail from friends, a challenge/response system for mail from friendly strangers, and a preview function to let you view and manage mail held back on the server. Spam and the viruses it contains never get downloaded to your computer. It is deleted directly from the ISP's mail server.
Keywords: UseBestMail - Personal Edition; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; UseBestMail - Personal Edition
Downloads: 17
[software]Dewqs No More Spam - http://www.dewqs.com/
This is a heuristic engine containing 6000 words and expressions. It is complemented with a rule creator, complete with quarantine folder and automatic reporting. It creates separate lists of authorized and unsolicited mail, based on an in and out basket metaphor. It selects suspicious e-mails and automatically unsubscribes from main commercial e-spammers. It also automatically deletes or bounces designated spam...
Keywords: Dewqs No More Spam; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Dewqs No More Spam
Downloads: 48
[software]G-Lock SpamCombat - http://www.glocksoft.com/sc/index.htm
This spam filtering tool lets you remove spam e-mail from the mail server without downloading them to your inbox.
Keywords: G-Lock SpamCombat; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; G-Lock SpamCombat
Downloads: 62
[software]SpamWeed for Outlook - http://www.spamweed.com/
Blocks spam and quarantines viruses. SpamWeed's learning filter enables personalized detection. E-mails classified as spam are placed in SpamWeed quarantine folder and can be safely retrieved if necessary. The Outlook edition integrates with MS Outlook and users can import Outlook Address Book to SpamWeed White list.
Keywords: SpamWeed for Outlook; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; SpamWeed for Outlook
Downloads: 20
[software]Email Remover - http://email-remover.com
This anti-spam software deletes unwanted e-mails without the hassle of having to download entire messages from the server. It works by retrieving only the mail headers and lets you preview the first few lines of your messages.
Keywords: Email Remover; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Email Remover
Downloads: 30
[software]Advanced Email Protector - http://www.protaxis.com
This program blocks spam by protecting all e-mail addresses and "mailto" links from e-mail harvesters. It can generate fake e-mail addresses for harvesters and transform your messages into JavaScript code. Spammers must validate addresses to send mail.
Keywords: Advanced Email Protector; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Advanced Email Protector
Downloads: 66
[software]Eglum SpamSnare - http://www.eglum.com/spamsnare/
This software blocks unwanted e-mail. It checks incoming messages for your customized "Anti-Spam Tag," which you assign to selected respondents. Additionally, the program identifies messages that have come from senders whose e-mail addresses are on your "Secure E-mail List." The program then sorts all received mail, separating safe messages from spam.
Keywords: Eglum SpamSnare; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Eglum SpamSnare
Downloads: 54
[software]Aggressive Spam Defense - http://www.hace.us-inc.com/
This anti-spam solution automatically deletes spam and will also color-code incoming e-mails according to your criteria so you can quickly see which ones are important. Most harmful e-mail attachments are also detected and flagged as possibly dangerous.
Keywords: Aggressive Spam Defense; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Aggressive Spam Defense
Downloads: 37
[software]KnockKnock - http://www.knockmail.com
This spam eliminating program uses ASI, is permission based and provides control of all senders. It evaluates senders without downloading the complete e-mail. It includes filtering options and control, and statistically determines who you want to receive e-mail from. It also provides notifications and automatically accepts senders you send e-mail to.
Keywords: KnockKnock; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; knock knock; knockknock
Downloads: 12
[software]eFormX Spam Control - http://www.eformx.com/default.asp
This allows you to control spam in your MSN Hotmail account without building a list of keywords or e-mail addresses to block.
Keywords: eFormX Spam Control; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; eFormX Spam Control
Downloads: 32
[software]Matador - http://www.mailfrontier.com
This program automatically sorts e-mail using white-lists, black-lists, machine intelligence, and community filters to remove junk e-mail from your inbox. It dynamically devises and maintains a set of personalized preferences. Suspect, unsolicited e-mail is subjected to an extra check and the sender is asked to answer a simple challenge via e-mail. Unauthorized e-mails are treated as junk after a period of time.
Keywords: Matador; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; EMAIL; E-MAIL; MAIL; OUTLOOK; SPAM; Matador
Downloads: 23
[software]KnockOut Spam - http://www.knockoutspam.com/
This program transparently integrates with Outlook and works with any e-mail account you check in Outlook; POP, IMAP, Exchange and Hotmail. It uses Bayesian filtering to direct good e-mail to your Inbox, and spam and unsure e-mails to Inbox sub-folders named Spam and Unsure.
Keywords: KnockOut Spam; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; KnockOut Spam
Downloads: 29
[software]CAMELOT Messaging Security Suite - http://www.atrium-software.com/camelot
This is a server-side spam-filtering solution that behaves like a gateway or firewall. It sits in front of the SMTP mail server. Messages are either delivered through the gateway to SMTP or picked up by POP3 for an external mail server. When analysis and authentication are complete, messages forward to the actual SMTP mail server. The program analyzes the header processes for questionable or uncertain parameters...
Keywords: CAMELOT Messaging Security Suite; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; CAMELOT Messaging Security Suite
Downloads: 37
[software]Spamlook - http://www.spamlook.com/
Works with any POP3 account and uses advanced NLP and Bayesian analysis on all available e-mail headers to separate legitimate messages from spam. It works in the background analyzing incoming messages and redirects spam to a separate folder, or to Deleted Items if required.
Keywords: Spamlook; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; spam; look; spamlook
Downloads: 64
[software]Mail Zapper Pro - http://www.mailzapper.com
This is spam e-mail detection and elimination software that runs independently of your regular e-mail program to detect and eliminate spam.
Keywords: Mail Zapper Pro; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; mail zapper; mailzapper
Downloads: 40
[software]Spam Sleuth - http://www.bluesquirrel.com/products/spamsleuth/
This spam eliminator works with POP3 e-mail including MSN, Yahoo!, Hotmail and AOL accounts, and any e-mail program. It will remove executable attachments and provide a spam report for any message. When it detects that an e-mail is spam, it removes it from the server, compresses it and keeps a report with the suspect e-mail on your computer. Spam Sleuth supports multiple e-mail accounts and is customizable...
Keywords: Spam Sleuth; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Spam Sleuth
Downloads: 16
[software]ASB AntiSpam - http://www.asbsoft.com
This program blocks spam by sending an authorization request to new senders. The request must be responded to before the e-mail message is allowed to enter your inbox. ASB AntiSpam supports an unlimited number of e-mail accounts.
Keywords: ASB AntiSpam; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; ASB AntiSpam
Downloads: 28
[software]MailWasher Pro - http://www.firetrust.com/products/mailwasherpro/
This program protects users from unsolicited e-mail with secure management options. You can preview messages on the mail server and delete harmful content before it reaches your inbox.
Keywords: MailWasher Pro; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; MailWasher Pro
Downloads: 51
[software]Clean-Box - http://www.clean-box.org/index2.php?lang=en
This program prevents spam while allowing messages and advertisements that the user is explicitly interested in. It only receives messages from known senders and rejects all other e-mail. All addresses in your mail folders and address book are compiled into a white list. Clean-Box returns a code to unknown senders. This code can be read by people but not by spam robots. Apart from the code, the recipient is asked to send the message anew, this time putting the supplied code in the subject line...
Keywords: Clean-Box; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; Clean-Box
Downloads: 53
[software]SpamGunner - http://www.spamgunner.com/
This is an anti-spam product for consumers and small businesses. It can check and filter multiple accounts synchronously and kill e-mail viruses. It supports wildcards in filters and multi-byte character preview.
Keywords: SpamGunner; Internet; E-mail and news; Anti-spam tools; spam gunner
Downloads: 43
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